It makes me really really happy that you guys have submitted discussion posts to me! You all have such excellent insight! I’m glad I decided to do this. 

Please continue submitting discussions on various aspects of Sailor Moon!! 

I love you all so much 

look at what a bunch of smart cookies you are <3

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Hey… until the day when our duties end… will you always stay by my side and help protect this planet?
Of course I will.
And will you always live with me?
I promise you I will.  We will always be together.
I promise too.  I will always protect you.

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Happy Birthday Rei Hino! - 4/17


Happy Birthday Rei Hino! - 4/17



So okay.

Queen Serenity dies because she gives her life (via the Silver Crystal) to her descendants and citizens of the Moon Kingdom.

Other than that, she would have lived. Not “she might of.” She definitely would have.

Um, so fast forward to like a billion years,…